The project

The working group on libre software was created at the initiative of the Information Society Directorate General, with the purpose to analyze the free software phenomenon, create a set of recommendations for the Community and create a paper to be presented to the Commission.
The group featured both people from the Commission and representative members from the EU countries.

After several meeting, the group finalized a paper, edited by Carlo Daffara and Jesús M. González-Barahona and presented at the IST'99 conference in Helsinki, during the special session track on libre software, and at the workshop on free software held the 23 of March 2000 in Brussels.
The 1.2 version (work-in-progress) of the paper is available for download at the following location in PDF format:paper.pdf and in html: paper there is also a compressed tar.gz file of the html paper:paper.tgz

The TeX paper is currently maintained through CVS in the SourceForge site at the address where you can download and browser through the CVS updates to the paper.

A local mirror is available here:paper.tex,paper.bib,
A mailing list has been prepared for the further discussion of the issue connected with open source, subscription is available by writing at the address with the subject "subscribe".

Cordis has prepared a page with Free/Open source activities in European programmes, available at
Many additional informations can also be found at the IDA (Interchange of Data between Administrations) homepage, at

For information request you can e-mail to